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    Connect with other cat parents and cat people in your area as well as across Germany.

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    Live webinars and input from our animal nutrition expert, Veronika.

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    Involvement in rescue, shelter and foster home support for cats.

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    Cat content! Knowledge, memes & more! Who doesn't love that?

Coming Soon - Live Webinars with our own Cat Whisperer 🐱💛

Veronika is our resident animal nutrition expert and cat-whisperer. After finishing her Diploma in Veterinary Medicine from Vienna, she researched at Yale.

After that, she moved to Berlin to pursue a PhD. at Charité. After realising the existing problems with old-school pet food, she decided to join us in our mission to redefine cat food!

She helps us and our community do the best for, and stay true to our cats.

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Help us maximise impact ✌🏼

We work with a variety of legit animal organisations on the ground in Germany in order to make the lives of cats and their friends better.

From monetary donations, to food donations, helping out in fostering drives, we try to be involved in everything.

We try to regularly invite and involve community members who would like to participate. 😊

Currently we work with:

1. Tierschutzverein Ingolstadt
2. Foster Home Berlin

Connect and meet with cat-minded people! 🐈

  • Cat Support System

    From finding someone responsible to hang out with your furrball when you're away or if just to obsess over cats together, this network would never let you down!

  • Knowledge & Advice

    Be it from cat people across the country or from our own in-house cat-experts, we curate the community to help you navigate all the tricks of being a cat parent.

  • Events and Catch-Ups

    As cat-people ourselves, we truly understand the value of a chill-session. Which is why we organize our own once in a while in different parts of Germany. We love hosting you!

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