By Veronika Broukal

Choosing the right snack for your cat

Most cat owners want to spoil their cat with treats in addition to their main meal. There is a wide range on offer, but what should you look out for when buying snacks for your cat? We'll tell you in our first ever blog article!

Just like us humans, cats also enjoy the occasional snack after a meal. Almost every petfood company offers corresponding products, but inferior food  can harm your animal in the long-term. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points to reward your pet in a healthy and species-appropriate way.

High meat content

Cats are obligate carnivores, which is why proteins are their main energy sources alongside fats. But just like with complete feed, protein does not only mean meat. Although our house tigers do not solely eat filets in nature, unfortunately inferior goods are often used for animal products. Therefore, when buying treats, you should pay attention to a high meat content and a detailed declaration, i.e. a list of the protein sources contained, so you can avoid feeding your cat sub-par meat.

Low in fat

As previously mentioned, fat is a cat's most important source of energy, along with protein, but it should be used in moderation in snacks. Meat and other animal components naturally contain fat, therefore it should only be added  in moderation otherwise your cat suffers the risk of becoming obese. And since obesity greatly increases the risk of many diseases such as diabetes, you should also ensure that your cat is sufficiently physically active.

No added industrial sugar

Many feeds contain ingredients that naturally have sugar. This is also not harmful to their health, but only in the right proportions. Some snacks are made more attractive for us owners by caramelizing them with the help of sugar. Incidentally, this process is also often used for wet food. Since cats do not have sweet taste receptors, there is no benefit. Too much sugar also causes obesity and related diseases. This is why we made sure not to add any industrial sugar in our Freeze dried snack.

No Grain

This is often used as a base or filler in cat snacks. Since the digestive tract of our pets is shorter compared to herbivores, it is not designed for the constant digestion of grain. That's why you should definitely only buy grain-free treats.

With added value

Every cat owner wants their darling to live as long and carefree as possible. That's why we try everything to keep our house tigers healthy. Many worried cat parents therefore resort to supplements that are sprinkled over the food, for example. There are already high-quality snacks with ingredients that can support different areas of the body. A good example of this is glucosamine and prebiotics. The former is said to have a positive effect on the cat's joints, the latter are an excellent source of food for your pet's gut bacteria. This way you can reward your furry friend and do something good for him or her at the same time!

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