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Foods that are toxic for cats

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It's every cat owner's nightmare: losing their beloved pet through food poisoning. Although dogs are more likely to be victims of it, we want to show you what you should keep out of your cat's reach with this article.


Almost no household is without this sweet. Chocolate comes in many varieties, but it should be kept away from both cats and dogs. The theobromine contained in it is the reason for the toxicity. The higher the cocoa content, the more of it is in the respective chocolate. Baking cocoa has the highest content. Signs of poisoning are vomiting and muscle tremors. Eating chocolate can even lead to death.


In recent years, avocados have grown in popularity in German-speaking countries. They can be found in salads, dips or wraps, for example. Unfortunately, they are toxic to cats. The reason for this is persin, which is contained in small amounts. Although other animals react much more strongly to it, cats should never ingest avocados. First, the high fat content can trigger gastrointestinal problems, second, ingesting the core can cause intestinal obstruction.

Garlic and other leeks

Many cat owners can´t imagine pasta dishes or pizza without it: garlic. Unfortunately, it can have a very negative effect on the body through various substances. Onions, chives and wild garlic have no place on the menu of our pets either.Then consumption has negative effects on the red blood cells, which can be noticed, for example, by pale mucous membranes.

Grapes and Raisins

Many of us enjoy grapes, especially in summer, and raisins can be found in many baked goods. Unfortunately, both pose a risk to cats, especially their kidneys. The Oxalic acid in the kernels put a heavy load on this vital organ. Also increased salivation, diarrhea and vomitting are consequences of the intake of grapes. There is even more oxalic acid in raisins, so you should never leave baked goods unattended.

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