By Veronika Broukal

The first aid kit for your cat

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Whether it's through play, a bee, or some other reason, your cat can easily sustain a minor injury. In this article you will find out why you should have a small first-aid kit for your cat at home and what products it should ideally contain.

Why do you need a first aid kit for your cat?

Although us cat owners naturally wish that our darling never gets sick, minor injuries or symptoms such as diarrhea can occur quickly. Therefore, you should always have a medicine kit  available with which you can quickly remedy the situation or at least provide first aid. Because the period of time that elapses before the first intervention is often decisive for the course of an injury or illness.

Dressing material

Just like a first-aid kit for us humans, the pendant for cats should not be without bandages. This way you can quickly treat small scratches and don't risk contamination. Please keep in mind that you must consult a veterinarian in the event of serious injuries such as bites. The care of these wounds is complex because there is a risk of bacterial infection. In the case of superficial abrasions, you should first examine the area and shave around it, so that no hair can get into the wound. After that, you should rinse with a saline solution and then use a sanitizing product.

You should therefore always have the following products within reach:

  • Individually wrapped sterile swabs
  • Disinfectant solution
  • Gauze bandages
  • Bandage shear
  • Self-Adhesive Bandages
  • Sterile saline solution, preferably in small individual packages
  • Razors or a clipper

Other important things that should not be missing in your first aid kit

Not only wounds are among the things that can happen to your cat. So we've put together another list of items to keep within reach at all times.

This includes:

  • Thermometer
  • Tick tongs
  • Tweezers, for removing foreign bodies
  • Flea comb


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