By Veronika Broukal

Tips and tricks for using catnip

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Many cat owners are familiar with catnip, and have probably bought it before. But what makes this plant so alluring, and how can you enrich your cat's life with it?

In fact, plants from the Nepeta genus are found in Europe, Asia and North Africa. There they are also present in dry areas. Catnip is also very popular as an ornamental perennial in domestic gardens, especially with free-roaming cats and bees.

Why are cats crazy about Nepeta cataria?

The reason for the euphoric behavior of our house tiger is a substance called Nepetalactone, which the plant uses to protect itself against insect damage. In cats, on the other hand, it activates an opioid receptor, triggering an almost intoxicated state. Incidentally, this phenomenon can also be demonstrated in relatives of the domestic cat, such as the jaguar. According to a Japanese study, animals that have rolled in catnip are also better protected against mosquito bites.

Can cats eat catnip?

Don't worry, it's completely safe for cats to consume in small amounts. Large amounts can cause nausea and other symptoms. In humans, the plant is even supposed to stimulate the appetite and promote digestion.

Can I give my cat Catnip as a snack?

As already mentioned, small amounts are completely harmless to cats. You are therefore welcome to sprinkle a pinch over the food of your pet, for example around a new feed to make it tasty. Also the combination with snacks can, for example, make a visit to the vet more relaxed, or a move.

Cooling off in summer

Since cats cannot balance their fluid balance as effectively as dogs, it is important to ensure that they drink enough water. One option is ice cubes with catnip, which can be a welcome relief when the temperature is high. Just put one or two in your cat's bowl, she'll be happy!

DIY toys

Buying loose catnip not only saves money, but also protects the environment. Because many things can be converted into a toy, such as an old sock or a linen bag. Just fill it with some catnip and make sure the container is tied tightly or closed. The bag of catnip should be tight again locked and be stored in a dark and cool place.

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