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As a company, customer feedback is essential, as it enables us to constantly improve our offerings (especially in the beginning). That's why we arranged a call with one of our first customers, Noémie. In the transcript, you can read the feedback she had for us and how we will use it. You can find the full video at the end of the page. Let us know in the comments what feedback you would like to give us.

Q: How many cats do you have? And what are their names?

A: I have two cats, Bella and Berry. They are siblings and come from Greece. They are my foster cats, and I've had them since last May, but I will actually be giving them away at the end of this week because they have been adopted. So it's sad, but also nice for them. They now have a really great new home.

Q: That's always good to hear. How did you even come up with the idea of fostering cats?

A: Well, originally, I always thought I was a dog person because I grew up with dogs. So I first considered adopting a dog but then came to the conclusion that it was a bit too much responsibility and work for me in an apartment in Berlin. And then I had already gotten to know this animal shelter in Greece because I always vacation there.

And then I talked to them and that's how I actually got to it. I could take cats in and see what it's like with cats. And yes, now I have become a cat person.

Q: How did you feed your cats until then?

A: Well, I was very fresh, so to speak. I knew absolutely nothing. So how often, how much, whatever to feed. And at the beginning, I just gave them the usual things you get. And at some point, I asked my contact person from the organization and then found out that I should make sure that there is always a high meat content. She said that it is best to feed wet food rather than dry food. And if dry food, then definitely high quality. And then I actually stopped feeding them dry food altogether because it's usually just not good and fed them wet food twice a day.

Q: And what was your experience? Then you probably landed on our website and what happened next?

A: Exactly, then I looked at what you have and I know that in the beginning, I was a bit intimidated by the subscription model. Plus, I think it also says that you can cancel and pause at any time. And then I thought, well, I'll do it now.

Q: Did you then decide to buy or subscribe?

A: I took the subscription because it's cheaper.

Q: And then it went on. And what? Probably got the confirmation email?

A: Yes, yes. And then it went on and then it said it's coming soon. But it actually took longer than it was supposed to because it was mid-December or so and my supply was actually running out, and then the weather got bad. But it didn't quite make it because the order came too late.

Q: How long did you manage with the dry food once it arrived?

A: Well, I actually had the two packages for almost a month.

Q: Would you buy it again now? I mean, of course, you would need new cats first, but now.

A: If I were to get new cats, I would definitely buy it again. And I'm also curious about what wet food you make. But if there's something like what I had, I actually didn't buy any dry food anymore. And I do think so. It kind of took away this guilty feeling I had a bit, in case I ever had to use the emergency supply

What have we done based on Noémie's feedback?

We are working on additional ways to inform you about how to best transition your cat from the previous to the new food.

We have started a blog to provide more information about our food and to reduce misinformation about cat nutrition.

At the end of the day, it starts with you, our customers, improving the lives of your cats. Therefore, we appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to make a purchase. If you want to help us improve The Better Cat's service by giving us feedback, please leave a comment under this blog or send us an email at

Thank you for reading!

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  • Ingrid Gahl

    Meine hübsche BKH Lilibet ist ein Engelchen anhänglich und verwöhnt. Jetzt gibt es Bettercat trocken und nass ,und sie frisst es gerne nachdem sie so vieles vorher abgelehnt hat.Und ich freue mich darüber sehr,weil ich überzeugt bin,dass sie alles bekommt was sie gesund erhält.

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