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As a business, customer feedback is essential as this allows us as a company to constantly improve our offering (especially in its most early days). That's why we hopped on a call with one of our earliest customers Nadine. In the transcript below you can read everything she had as feedback for us as well as our intentions on how we plan to improve according to that feedback. For the full video scroll down to the bottom. Do let us know in the comments if you enjoy reading these kinds of blogs. 

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Nadine: Yeah. So. I'm Nadine. I work in Berlin, Germany. I have one cat. His name is Charlie. He's an orange British Shorthair/Persian mi. He is going to be two years old in May. So he's about one and a half years old, right now. I got to know The Better Cat, mostly because of Rachit. He reached out to me and then told me about the product.

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Nadine: And then I thought, sure, I'll, I'll give it a try or my cat will give it a try, basically. So yeah, we ordered, I think sometime in November, December. And my cat has been eating it since. I had to, you know, gradually change him to the new dry food. But then now I think it's mostly The Better Cat food now for the majority at least and he has been enjoying it so far. 

To the question did you always have pets?

I never grew up with pets but then I've always kind of been more inclined to liking cats. I also like dogs for sure but I think like me being a pet owner, I was leaning more towards a cat.

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Nadine: I've read online that all these, you know, like more commercially available brands tend to be like, like, like snacks, basically like potato chips for cats. So I guess I could understand Charlie's reaction.

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Ryan: And what about your, like, personal experience with the buying process? Like how did you sort of experience it in general? Were there any frustrations? Was there anything negative or positive that you wanted to share?

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Nadine: I think it's really easy to navigate the website. I think a lot of consumers nowadays are used to the e-commerce kind of way of purchasing and then like checkout and payment and all those things. So I liked that and I think one thing that might be frustrating is that I use Apple Mail & most if not all of the emails actually landed in my junk folder.

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Nadine: So if I could complain about one thing, it would be that because I used the subscription and then the email reminder for my subscription landed in my junk folder. And I actually wouldn't have caught it if not for my, like, personal connection with Rachit. He actually, e-mailed me like hey Nadine,

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Nadine: I saw that your subscription is like in two days or something. Is that really what you want? Because he knew that I had bought like two big bags of cat food. So that was helpful that he told me that.

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Ryan: That's definitely very valuable feedback. I can see if we can adjust that. Especially if there's other people that are experiencing the same. So finally, would you for one, would you consider buying wet food when we release it? And two, would you buy The Better Cat again?

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Nadine: Yeah, yeah. I mean I think I'm sticking to the subscription, to be honest. Like I'm pretty lucky with a non fussy cat like he would eat it and then I mean it's, it's going well so far. So I'm going to continue with my subscription for the dry food & the wet food. I will test it out to see if he likes it when it comes out. .

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Ryan: Yeah. Cool. Then I want to thank you for your time, Nadine. I really appreciate it. It's been very useful and yeah, you'll be hearing probably a lot more from us still. Especially if I can get our emails to function properly.

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Nadine: Yeah, hopefully. Hopefully. But yeah, no worries.

So what did we do as a result of Nadines feedback? 

  • Well we most definitely tried to make sure that our emails are no longer landing in your spam folder! 
  • We are working on additional ways to inform you guys on the best way to transition your cat from previous to new food.
  • We started the blog to increase information about our food and with the main goal of decreasing misinformation about cat nutrition. 

At the end of the day in order to improve the lives of your cats it has to start with you, our customers so we value each and every one of you that takes the time to make a purchase. If you want to help us out by giving us feedback and therewith, improve The Better Cat service feel free to leave us a comment underneath this blog or send us an email to 

Thanks for reading! 

Interested in testing our service yourself? Click the link here to check out our offering. 


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