By Veronika Broukal

How to motivate your cat to play with you

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Exercise is essential not only for dogs, but also for cats. It strengthens the cardiovascular system and blood circulation in the muscles and joints. In this article, we'll tell you how to get your cat to exercise without having to go outside.

My cat prefers to sleep and hardly wants to move

Every cat owner knows it: your darling would like to lie on the couch all day and just doze. But how do you motivate your pet to provide the necessary level of exercise? These tips can help you to motivate your darling:

  • Find out what toys your cat likes to play with
  • It is best to clear these away after your game session so that they become something special
  • Depending on whether she is also enthusiastic about mechanical products, you can think about buying such a toy
  • Catnip can also provide an incentive to encourage your pet to play

The right time

It is now known that most cats adapt at least partially to their owner's daily routine. So try in the future to always let your joint game units take place at the same time. Of course you don't have to start on time, but it should become a fixed point in your routine. For example, it is advisable to start about 1 hour before dinner. This allows your cat to rest before enjoying its meal. Incidentally, you should refrain from playing more games immediately after eating. Your cat now needs its energy to digest its meal. Increased excitement shortly after eating can even lead to vomiting in addition to feeling unwell.

The right length

Many cat owners are overwhelmed when they have to determine the length of play sessions with their cats. But don't worry, there is no right or wrong here! The length of the game unit can depend on the following factors:


  • Age of your cat
  • Your cat's health
  • Time of day
  • Outside temperature

Please keep in mind that chronically ill cats in particular may need to be extra careful when it comes to extra exercise. If you are unsure whether and how you should play with your cat, it is best to ask your veterinarian!



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