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Preparing your cat for a vet visit

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Visiting the vet is very stressful for many cat owners. Our four-legged companions don't understand that we only want to help them. In this blog we have summarized some tips that will make the walk easier for you.

Get to know

Many veterinarians offer so-called introductory hours for cats, where the animal can get to know the practice and the staff in peace. If you are thinking about getting a cat, or if you are an existing cat owner and want to switch to a different veterinarian, you should consider this option. Experts recommend that kittens get used to the transport procedure as quickly as possible. It's best to talk to your local practice to find out if she has such an offer.

The examination course

During the introductory sessions mentioned above, your veterinarian will let your cat sniff around so that she loses her fear of him. But you can also start at home, getting your cat accustomed to that procedure. Ideally, it will be comfortable handling ears, paws, andbelly and allows their eyes and mouth to be examined more closely.

The right transport basket

The right container for transport not only protects your animal from injury,but can also contribute to minimizing stress. There are many different models, both in pet stores and online. Which version you choose depends on various factors. There are backpacks, shoulder bags and simple transport baskets. Even bags with casters are available. You should also make sure that there is enough air supply, the mesh material required for this must also be stable enough. Because it must be avoided at all costs that your cat in the subway, can escape from her bag in the car or in the doctor's office. The closures of the bag must be strong enough to withstand your house tiger scratching or nibbling. For longer trips, there are even models with a fold-out compartment for a litter box.

Calming effect

Hop is a great way to help cats relax. It is available in different forms, you can buy suitable preparations for little money in the drugstore. Your best bet is to ask your vet how to give your cat hops. L-tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin, can also have a calming effect. Many manufacturers offer drops, snacks or pastes with a combination of both active ingredients. For some animals, herbal options are not enough. Here the veterinarian can administer gabapentin, for example.

Before the visit

Put the transport bag in the hallway the day before you leave to give your cat the opportunity to get acquainted with him. It's best to give some tasty snacks to lure her in. On the day of the visit, you should try to remain as calm and composed as possible. Take your cat on your arm and pet her a little. After that, hopefully you can put them in the transport basket and slowly close it. If you are traveling by car, make sure that your house tiger is kept safe. It's best to buckle the basket and never let your cat loose.

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